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Habitat for Humanity Hamilton

285 Nash Road North, Unit 1
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 7P4
Phone: 905.560.6707
Fax: 905.560.6703

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285 Nash Road North, Unit 1
Hamilton, Ontario L8H 7P4
Phone: 905.560.6707
Fax: 905.560.6703

Impact in the Community

When we build a house it truly is a “you” experience. Individuals, groups, businesses and corporations donate money, materials and time to make it happen. HFHH builds newly constructed homes in “redevelopment areas” such as the lower city. Not only is this the best source for affordable land, it also helps keep the property tax the homeowners will be paying low.

A Habitat home is traditionally between 1,100 – 1,400 square feet, may have a garage and basement and have up to ve bedrooms depending on the size of the family. The homes are designed and built to Municipal Building Code, as well as being built to energy star standards. To keep the direct cost of building our homes low, we rely on as much volunteer labour as possible, and have an extensive Gift in Kind program for materials used in the building.

Habitat homes are sold to our partner families at the current market rate, with a 0% mortgage held by Habitat. Monthly payments are held in our “Fund for Humanity” which support future builds. Truly the more we build the more we can build.

Rosemont Dedication

Rosemont Build 

Located in the stadium neighbourhood of east Hamilton, this project was a major renovation of an older home. The family moved in June 2008, and has since seen their children off to University, College, started their own businesses and become active members of the community.


Tolton Build

Completed in 2009, this single family home was built to accommodate the accessibly challenges facing a Hamilton family.

Located in the east end of Hamilton this 1,540 sq ft home was one of the first builds undertaken by a revitalized Habitat Hamilton. It has proven to be the springboard for the accelerated building exhibited in recent years.

Robert Land Project Line Drawing

Niagara/Monroe Build - Robert Land Project 

This project, called the Robert Land Project, is located in the Keith neighbourhood in north Hamilton. Keith is centred around Wentworth Street North between the CN rail tracks and the harbour. This is in the heart of Hamilton’s old industrial area.

The Robert Land School formerly occupied our building ground. For 90 years the school had been the heart and hub of the neighbourhood. The property was sold in 2006 and the Eva Rothwell Resource Centre was established. The committee in charge of the land sold back playground property to Habitat for Humanity Hamilton in 2009.

Comet-Avenue - Elevation

Comet Build

Arising from a unique partnership, this single family home located in the beach community was the vision of Gabrielle DeSantis, of Homes by DeSantis, who wanted to give back to the community - along with his various suppliers and contractors. At 1,440 sq ft this build has helped a family flourish since they moved into their home in June 2012.